Laure & Tango Chic

~Laure with her husband, whom she met dancing tango.~(photo by Ed Goytia)

~Laure with her husband, whom she met dancing tango.~(photo by Ed Goytia)

Why Tango? Argentine tango is the dance of love and embrace.  It forms an intimate connection between you, your new spouse, and the music. As a couple getting married, you already have that special connection and an embrace that is unique to you both; all you need is to add the music, so you can dance together and make Tango, "the dance of embrace," yours. 

Since each couple is different, the character of the tango dance they choose must fit their personal style and personality.  If your wedding is romantic and formal, consider a traditional tango, or perhaps a tango waltz.  If you prefer to keep things casual and upbeat, consider dancing a milonga (featuring quick tango steps), or trying a more modern tango orchestra.

Your wedding dance is a chance to express yourselves as a couple, and surprise your family and guests with a dance no one expected to see!

Laure Lion is French and grew up in Paris. She was first introduced to Argentine Tango by her maternal grandmother who danced it in her youth. Laure moved to New York in her  twenties, and in early 2000 fully immersed herself in the language of tango, spending a lot of time in Argentina, studying with the masters during the day and dancing at the milongas by night. 

Tango Chic was born a few years ago when newly-engaged couples started to come to Laure, requesting Tango as their first wedding dance. Since Tango is "the dance of embrace", it made total sense for her to help couples choreograph tango steps to tango music. Et Voila!  Tango Chic is here to help you share that special dance with family and friends on your wedding day. 

Laure currently teaches in New York City and Hoboken, NJ. She also teaches bi-weekly workshops by invite only.